Our Mission.

Reforming how machines learn.

Fully understanding and representing the meaning of language is an extremely difficult goal. Why? Because human language is quite special. A machine requires the power of natural language processing to bridge the gap between a human and a machine communication.

In 90’s NLP was all about eye accessing cues and how can you learn more about what others are thinking by where their eyes move. Over the last few years, NLP has evolved in many ways, now a machine can think, behave and communicate like humans do.

Our Work.

Meet State-of-the-art.


Accuro™ can be widely applied to data platforms for a variety of applications, ranging from marketing to customer service. In Accuro™ , the data gets processed through different “state-of-the-art” augmentation techniques for predefined NLP tasks like Sentiment Analysis, Topic Modeling, Machine Translation, Document Summarization, etc.

Personality Engine™

The Personality Engine™ is capable of controlling different styles of personality and feelings, without losing fluency and while maintaining versatility that in any combination of differentiable models contributes to the generation of text. The model incorporates a pre-trained language model with one or more attribute classifiers that direct the generation of new text.


Doesn't matter what level of writing skills you have, because there are no shortcuts to becoming a novelist overnight. Writing is a constant process of self-improvement. It’s a never ending process. But with Correcto™ you can write like a novelist and enjoy writing for whatever purpose it is.


Our State-Of-The-Art products with cutting-edge technology helps in improving model performance.

Easy to integrate

Our products are easy to integrate in production pipelines without affecting workflows.


Apart from saving your time and money, we make sure that our products are reliable on edge-cases.

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