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Our Mission

Helping Machines Learn

At Scanta, we are passionate about AI, Machine Learning and all aspects of Data Science. Please enjoy our blog where we share our ideas on these technologies from the technical, business and societal perspective. From thought leadership to emerging trends or even controversial opinions, we believe in sharing our views with the wider community.

The degree to which AI improves and enriches our lives will depend on how well we teach machines to learn. At Scanta, we are focused on performing the research, uncovering the techniques and democratizing our solutions.

Our Company.

Visionaries and Innovators

Scanta is a San Francisco, California based Artificial Intelligence company dedicated to helping machines learn. Founded in 2016, Scanta has focused on cutting edge research and development in the AI field with core intellectual property in Data Augmentation and AR/VR. Scanta is well positioned to deliver it’s core technologies to the world’s most influential AI companies.

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