The Discovery Channel Project

Founder and CEO of Scanta, Chaitanya (Chad) Hiremath helps Josh Gates from expedition unknown to find hidden treasure in the Golden Gate Park, San Francisco using Augmented Reality.

World's first AR emoji app.

Pikamoji is an immersive app that allows users to engage with a variety of augmented reality avatars right at their fingertips. All of our Pikamojis are a manifestation of moods, emotions and themes used to communicate to one another. Use our unique avatars to explore the world of augmented reality with Pikamojis.

3D Avatars on
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Augmented Reality Game

Polygoons is an augmented reality based FPS game, where you can pick your arsenal, and play it right in your backyard. Scanta's cutting edge AR enables to interact with Polygoons in the virtual world.

VR Chatbot

Bored from your traditional chatbots? VR chatbot is a bot but with more human like feelings. It is a Chat Bot that can talk, act and understand you well just like your best friend!

AR Dunk

AR Dunk is an offbeat basketball game app that you can play anywhere, anytime! The AR game comes with a flying board and all you have to do is just to adjust your smartphone in vertical orientation. Augment the Flying Board in a suitable spot whether it be your office cabin or at your room. Aim the basket and SCORE! Explore new levels and unleash the magical world of AR!