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Many years of R&D into AI, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Data Science has led to the development of technologies we want to share with the world. See some of our best Open Source work!

Personality EngineTM

Personality Engine is a tool that allows developers to humanize the interface between people and voice assistants, chat bots, game characters and other digital entities. Personality Engine is capable of controlling different styles of personality and feelings, without losing fluency and while maintaining versatility that in any combination of differentiable models contributes to the generation of text. The model incorporates a pre-trained language model with one or more attribute classifiers that direct the generation of new text. These attribute models are small and easy to construct: a bag of words or a representation that defines the occurrence of words in a text snippet; and a linear discriminator, or a system that characterizes two or more groups of objects or events.

Personality Engine



Accuro is a data augmentation tool developed specifically for data scientists and machine learning engineers in the NLP field. In Accuro, data gets processed through different “state-of-the-art” augmentation techniques for predefined NLP tasks including Sentiment Analysis, Topic Modeling, Machine Translation and Document Summarization. The augmentation techniques include Character Augmentation, Spelling Augmentation, Synonym Replacement and Similar Word Replacement. With Accuro, data scientists can see measurable and significant increases in the accuracy of their NLP algorithms.

Sentiment Analysis