VA Shield™ is a security solution developed to protect Virtual Assistant Chatbots from machine learning attacks.

Va Shield

VA Shield ™

VA Shield analyzes requests, responses and conversations to and from the system to provide a new layer of supervision. Customizable policies empower companies to allow, prevent or monitor conversations to block malicious use and to prevent compromised systems from releasing confidential, false or improper information. VA Shield adds a critical Zero Trust security framework to the Virtual Assistant Chatbot system. Detailed analytics are also tracked by VA Shield to allow for deeper business insight on the use of the Virtual Assistant Chatbot.


Machine Learning Attack Prevention

Protects against new vector Machine Learning attacks at the model, dataset or conversational level.

Contextual Analysis of Conversations

Blocks malicious exploits, adds additional security authentication and captures business insights by understanding requests, responses and full conversations.

Zero Trust Framework

Monitors previously unsupervised conversations adding a Zero Trust framework with customizable policy control.

Data Masking

Masks personal and confidential information to ensure complete data privacy during a conversation.

GDPR Compliance

Ensures compliance with GDPR and other data privacy laws with policy and security driven controls.

Easy Integration

SaaS solution integrates easily across platforms for mobile devices, web apps and chat services for a steady stream of secure communication.

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How Does It Work?
How Does it Work